Misc 22/11/2020

Cultural reopening: what is there to do?

Theatres, cinemas, and music are back after a month of cultural closure

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El Malandain Ballet Biarritz actua al  Centre Cultural de Terrassa

BarcelonaWith the announcement of the plan to de-escalate restrictions, the cultural world has begun to reactivate its face-to-face activities. These are some of the appointments in the cultural agenda for next week.

Monday 23rd

1. Dramatic Tournament

Temporada Alta

Temporada Alta celebrates the tenth edition of this tournament. A battle of words between different playwrights of the Catalan scene that can be seen either in person or via streaming on the festival's website. At 19.30 h.

2. "Koibumi", by Kinuyo Tanaka

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Kinuyo Tanaka's opera prima explores the conflicts that Japanese women had to face at the end of World War II through a young man who writes love letters to other people. 7 p.m.

Tuesday 24th

1. "National Avenue" by Jaroslav Rudiš

Sala Beckett

Josep Julien stars in this play by Jaroslav Rudiš in which he embodies a man who has an opinion on everything - from politics to women. The play is the culmination of the international stage creation project Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe, in which the Beckett and other European theatres participate. At 8 pm.

2. "Escape room", by Joel Joan and Héctor Claramunt

Teatre Goya

This comedy by Joel Joan and Héctor Claramunt places two couples in an escape room, where strange things happen, and which will test the friendship of the protagonists. 8 pm.

3. Vanya on 42nd Street, by Louis Malle

Temporada Alta

Louis Malle's latest film brought together great actors such as Julianne Moore and Wallace Shawn in an unconventional adaptation of Anton Txékhov's drama. At 8 pm.

Wednesday 25th

1. "Monroe-Lamarr", by Sergi Belbel


Laura Conejero and Elisabet Casanovas put themselves in the shoes of Hedy Lamarr and Marilyn Monroe in a fictitious encounter that could change the course of the Cold War. 7 pm.

2. "Smiley, després de l'amor", by Guillem Clua

Smiley, després de l'amorAquitània

Ramon Pujol and Albert Triola return to the roles of Alex and Bruno eight years after the release of Smiley, una història d'amor. The play explores the lives and problems of the characters in their adulthood, in a humorous way. 8 pm.

3. "Poulette Crevette", by Françoise Guillaumond

Teatre Lliure

This performance, designed for the youngest members of the family, shows the importance of the values of empathy, compassion and respect through the story of a hen full of humour and suspense. 10 am and 12 pm.

Thursday 26th

1. "Els protagonistes", by Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert

Els protagonistesTeatre Lliure

The play seeks to create an unforgettable experience for children. Through the presentation of different facilities, the public will undergo a sensory journey in which they will be the protagonist. 10 h.

2. "Adam", by Maryam Touzani

Renoir Floridablanca

Touzani's film explores the lives of Abla, a woman from Casablanca, and Samia, a pregnant girl looking for work and a home. The film examines the relationship between the two protagonists and the reality of many women in Morocco. 4pm and 7.45pm.

3. "M", by Fritz Lang

MFilmoteca de Catalunya

A serial killer of young girls has the city of Düsseldorf in panic as police desperately search for him. It's considered one of the best movies in Lang's filmography and a cinema classic. At 4.30pm.

Friday 27th

1. "53 diumenges", by Cesc Gay

53 diumengesTemporada alta

After the success of Los vecinos de arriba, Cesc Gay returns with a comedy that explores the family dynamics of three brothers during a family reunion. At 6pm.

2. "Mank", by David Fincher


Mank places us in the Holllywood of the 1930s through the eyes of Herman J. Mankiewitz (played by Gary Oldman) as he tries to finish writing the script for what is considered the best film ever: Citizen Kane. At 8 pm.

3. "Una", by Raquel Cors

UnaTeatre Lliure

Eva Lyberten, a softcore film actress from the 70s and 80s, tells her story from the perspective of her 60s. Through the retrospective of her filmography, the work analyses identity, desire, and fiction during the destape, a film phenomenon that appeared during Spain's transition to democracy. 8pm.

Saturday 28th

1. "The Magic Flute"

Palau de la Música

The Symphonic Orchestra of the Vallès and the Cor Amics de l'Òpera of Sabadell will stage Mozart's most famous opera at 6.30 pm.

2. "La cabra, o qui és Sylvia"

La cabra, o qui és SylviaLa Villaroel

Emma Vilarasau and Jordi Bosch star in this play by Edward Albee. The drama explores the seemingly perfect life of Martin and his family and the twist it takes when he confesses to his best friend a secret he has been hiding for months. 8pm.

3. "El Anticoach"

El AnticoachAquitània

Tian Lara presents a monologue explaining uncomfortable truths such as the forced positivism of social networks, during which he will improvise with the audience. At 12.30 pm.

Sunday 29th

1. "Jazz en viu... swing!"

Jazz en viu... swing!Palau de la Música

The Original Jazz Orchestra of the Taller de Músics brings to the Palau an initiation to jazz music in order to learn to appreciate swing. With the collaboration of the actor and singer Miquel Àngel Ripeu they will relive historical moments of the genre. At 12 h.

2. "El peliculero"

El peliculeroAquitània

Victor Parrado puts on a show that will revive mythical scenes with a touch of humour. Through musical shows and improvisation, Parrado will perform a monologue with a touch of Hollywood. At 7.45 pm.

3. Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Terrassa Cultural Centre

Under the direction of French choreographer Thierry Malandain, the company will present two pieces created by the director and one by Martin Haringue, accompanied by the music of Beethoven, Chopin and Vivaldi. At 6 pm.