Misc 21/11/2017

ARA wins 11 European Newspaper awards for design and content

Some of ARA’s awards went to its interactive content, special issues and the coverage of the August terror attacks in Catalonia

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BarcelonaThis newspaper has won 11 prizes at the 19th edition of the European Newspaper Awards, a European-level recognition for the design and content presentation of both print and digital newspapers. ARA has received an award in seven out of the nineteen categories for which prizes are given.

Three of the awards are for innovation, thanks to ARA’s special issues where drawings or works of art replaced photographs. One of the issues that has merited an award came out on November 20 2016 which, like this Monday, was Universal Children’s Day and every picture was a drawing made for the occasion by a child.

Portada de l'ARA del Dia Internacional de la Infància 2016

In the same category, the March 12 issue devoted to Perejaume where every illustration was a creation by the Catalan artist, has also received an award. Likewise, our issue of April 1 was dedicated to Barcelona’s Saló del Còmic and every picture was drawn by a cartoonist with a message against censorship.

Portada del diari dedicat a Perejaume
Portada del diari del còmic

ARA’s front page and the 10-page special feature from August 18, covering the jihadi attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils the day before, have also received a prize.

Portada de l'endemà dels atemptats del 17-A

As for ARA’s supplements, the jury of the European Newspaper Awards picked our issue of Saint George’s Day (Sunday’s ARA), which included a journey through history, from the early humans to Spain’s political Transition from a selection of historical fiction novels.

Portada de l''Ara Diumenge' de Sant Jordi

Also awarded were three front pages of our business section Emprenem (January 29 and July 7 this year, as well as 13 November 2016) in the category of front pages of a section of a regional newspaper. Likewise, the visuals on Tintin’s adventures published in ARA Diumenge on December 11 2016 dedicated to Hergé’s creation have also received a prize for best infographic.

La portada de l''Emprenem' de l'11 de novembre de 2016
La portada de l''Emprenem' del 29 de gener del 2017
La portada de l''Emprenem' del 7 de juliol del 2017
La infografia sobre Tintín que ha estat premiada

In terms of digital material, the jury has awarded ARA two prizes for two interactive features on ara.cat. One is the reportage entitled Refugees in the Greek winter, by Cristina Mas and Xavier Bertral, which gives an on-site account of life in a refugee camp in Greece. The other is Clinton vs Trump, which draws a comparison, on a personal and political level, between the two candidates in the US election of November last year.

Portada de l'interactiu 'Refugiats a l'hivern grec'
Portada de l'interactiu 'Clinton vs Trumps'

Also on the subject of the US elections, an award has been given to our video entitled How does the US election system work?, which provided key information to understand how the voting system worked on such a key voting day.

Two years ago the European Newspaper Awards honoured this newspaper with the title of Newspaper of the Year in the category of regional dailies. These awards are the brainchild of German newspaper designer Norbert Küpper and are given by a jury which this year featured 16 people including journalists and designers from nine European countries. A total of 185 newspapers from 27 different countries had entered the competition in this its 19th edition. The awards will be given out in Vienna during the European Newspaper Congress to be held between May 13-15.