Rosalía's 'Despechá' is already the song of the summer – and it's not even out yet

Only 35 seconds have been posted on social media, but it has already gone viral

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Rosalia during the concert in Madrid this week

BarcelonaIf these last few days you have scrolled through TikTok or Instagram, it is very likely that you have come across a fragment of a song by Rosalía that keeps playing. Some people use it to announce that they are going on vacation, others to show off new looks or just to state how much they are looking forward to seeing the Catalan artist live. The fragment lasts 35 seconds and Rosalía herself titled it Despechá when she posted it on her TikTok account a week ago. In that video she was seen in a bedroom, pretending to talk on the phone, jumping on the bed and singing the first verse and the chorus of the song. It is a song with Latin rhythms which gets stuck in your brain and goes like this:

Baby, don't call me
I'm busy forgetting your woes
I've already decided that tonight I'm going out
With all my motomamis, with all my gyals
And I'm narked, woah, I'm out of my mind
I've come down with a new flow to get my baby hooked
I move him from side to side and then again
Today I'm leaving the club with my baby and a crown
And I'm narked, woah

Actually, that video was not the premiere of the song. The first people to hear it were the spectators in the concert in Almería which started the Motomami Tour on July 7. She has also played it in every other concert and social media have made it go viral, to the point that Despechá has become for many the song of this summer, despite the fact that the song is not yet available on any music platforms, because it has not been officially released. "It's single girls' anthem", "Publish the whole song!", "It's already my favourite song and it's still not out", some fans write on the TikTok publication. The video has more than 658,000 "Likes" on Instagram and more than 671,000 on TikTok.

Turned into a meme

As a true millennial, Rosalía is very skilled at social media and knows how to use them as a springboard that allows her to control the message and reach everyone. She proved it in March, when she presented the album Motomami, with a show on TikTok created specifically for this social media. Her live performance, in fact, also draws on all this: choreographed tiktokeras, selfies with the audience and many screens fill the singer's show, who this weekend will perform at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. In every concert she changes her wardrobe, but she always sticks to monochrome looks: so far she has worn white, red and blue, combined with long braids made with hair extensions.

The singer's electric aesthetic and the grimaces she makes while chewing gum, just before she starts singing Bizcochito at every concert, have also turned her into a meme. Rosalía appears in white, red and blue and everyone compares her with whatever makes them laugh the most: from The Triplets to Pokémons and the Windows logo

Rosalía will perform a double concert this weekend in Barcelona, where she was last seen live in 2019. The artist will close the first leg of the tour on August 1 at Son Fusteret in Palma. From August 14 will begin the second stage, which will take her through Mexico and Latin America. On September 15th she will travel to Boston and then to New York and other North American cities. At the end of November she will return to Europe to perform in Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Paris, where she will end the tour before the end of the year.