The State denies that the minimum quota for freelancers will increase from 289 to 433 euros per month

Social Security Ministry maintains that the new regime will lower the current quota for those who earn less

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The self-employed most affected by the crisis will receive a new batch of aid from the Government.

The Ministry of Social Security has denied that the minimum quota for self-employed workers increases from 289 euros to 433 euros per month, as it had circulated on social networks in recent days and this Wednesday had denounced the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

In fact, from the ministry they ensure that the reform of the new special regime of self-employed workers (RETA) is in a very early stage of negotiations with social partners and that there is absolutely nothing decided yet. What the ministry reiterates is that under the new system, tax will be paid according to income and, therefore, those who earn more will pay more. "And, in fact, those who earn less will pay less", say spokespersons for the ministry headed by José Luís Escrivá.

The same Escrivá, in a Commission of Labour, Inclusion, Social Security and Migration held a month ago, acknowledged that two-thirds of all self-employed workers (2.1 million self-employed) were currently contributing above their real income. In this line, the same Tax Agency assured that, in 2018, of the 2.2 million self-employed that there were with returns from economic activities, more than half billed below the minimum interprofessional wage, which at that time was 735 euros per month.

The new RETA, as recommended by the Toledo Pact approved at the end of last year, proposes that the self-employed choose their contribution base according to the income they think they will have. They will be able to modify it throughout the year and if they end up paying more contributions, they will have the option of recovering them. "We are working on a progressive and flexible system", said the minister. Although negotiations are still very early, the forecast is that this new system is operational from 2022.

Currently 85% of the self-employed pay the minimum contribution tax, which is 289 euros per month. A tax, according to the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, which is the highest in Europe. The organization argues that the new regime is based on the payment of a fixed percentage of actual income. "If a person invoices for example 10 million euros, then pay 10% of the total of this income, and the same with one who earns less. It is fairer to pay for what you do than for what you expect to do, as the central government provides", says Jordi Marti, head of the area of self-employed Chamber. In addition, the Chamber maintains that the current context of economic crisis is not the time to implement a regulatory change.