The business community unites against the riots and in favor of a Government focused on recovery

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce attends event with over 300 entities but does not sign manifesto

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The president of Foment del Treball , Josep Sánchez Llibre, during the act.

Barcelona"Enough is enough, let's focus on recovery". It is the slogan that more than 300 business entities have chosen this Thursday to repeat in chorus their rejection of the riots of recent weeks. In a joint event held at the Estació del Nord, employers, unions and representatives of different sectors of the Catalan economy have read a manifesto to make an even more explicit condemnation of the looting and violence that occurred during the protests against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel.

The organisers - with Foment del Treball and Pimec at the forefront - have demanded that political representatives stop "the apparent paralysis" that they consider aggravated "by the violent and uncivic behavior" of the demonstrations. "We ask that there be concrete actions so that these situations do not occur," urged Antoni Cañete, brand new president of the association of Catalan SMEs.

The leader of Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, has celebrated that Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce has finally attended the act, although the entity has decided not to sign the manifesto due to its political content. Llibre highlighted it was hard work: "It took me 72 hours, but we both convinced her [Mònica Roca, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce] to be here today," he explained.

The event has given voice to representatives of different sectors affected by the restrictions to contain the pandemic, which have again sought direct aid to ensure the survival of the business fabric. "We want to put an end to the anguish that businesses and people are suffering and work to recover the prestige of Catalonia and Barcelona," insisted Sánchez Llibre.