Misc 21/10/2020

Covid-19 risk soars to 541 - 75 higher than yesterday

Salut reports 3,982 new PCR-confirmed cases and 31 new deaths

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BarcelonaThe risk of a major Covid-19 spike in Catalonia continues to increase at a fast pace despite new measures to stop the spread of the virus. On Wednesday Effective Potential Growth, used to measure the danger of a major outbreak, rose to 541.45 (74.96 more than yesterday), an unprecedented figure since the beginning of the pandemic (in March it peaked at 454). Today, 3,982 new cases of confirmed Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 183,144. There have also been 31 new deaths, taking the total to 13,701 deaths. In addition, there were 57 more admissions than yesterday, with a total of 1,442 people currently in hospital with Covid-19, of whom 243 are in intensive care, 4 more than yesterday.

Secretary of Health, Marc Ramentol, noted yesterday that the measures were yet to have an effect, and Catalan hospitals are preparing plans to cope with this second wave of contagion, the risk of an upward spiral and the steady pace of admissions to ICUs. In addition, Ramentol showed concern about the increase in cases in care homes. Some 363 people have been infected in the last two weeks, a figure that represents less than 1% of the people in care homes, but puts health authorities on alert after the situation in April.

"The fact that 80% of intensive care beds are full is bad news and puts us on high alert." This is Alba Vergés's verdict, head of the Health Department. The head of infectious diseases at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, Bonaventura Clotet, pointed out that meetings of friends are the main reason for increased risk of a spike, and believes that citizens "must clearly understand about the need for voluntary confinement". "You have to be very careful among all citizens because the epidemic is growing a lot and we all have a responsibility. If the curfew means people stay home and don't have parties, it will work. If not, no. Paris and other big cities in Europe are applying it, so maybe it will have some impact," he said in an interview with RAC1.