Misc 16/01/2021

More than 9,000 marijuana plants seized in Barcelona

The electricity consumption of the premises was eight times higher than usual

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Imatge difosa pels Mossos d'Esquadra i la Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona en què es veu l'interior del local amb plantes de marihuana

BarcelonaThe Mossos d'Esquadra and the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona have confiscated 9,106 marijuana plants in a flat on Nació street, in the Sant Martí district of the Catalan capital. According to a statement from the Catalan police, the joint operation took place on Thursday, January 14, and resulted in the arrest of two people for an alleged crime against public health and electrical fraud.

The investigation was set in motion following complaints from residents about strong odors and noise from machinery that operated 24 hours a day, which led to the suspicion that there was a plantation. During Thursday's operation, among other things, 640 euros in cash and a bag with 20 kilos of marijuana seeds were seized.

In view of the suspicion that there was a marijuana plantation, Guardia Urbana (urban guard) agents confirmed that the premises smelled, and noises could be heard that could be compatible with an illegal activity. In addition, technicians from the light company certified that the electricity consumption was eight times higher than usual, which pointed to a fraudulent connection.

The agents observed that two people were leaving the premises and that, in the presence of the operators and the agents of the Guardia Urbana, they had a nervous attitude. The two individuals were intercepted and identified, and confessed that they were taking care of the marijuana plantation on the premises. The two men were arrested.

On Thursday afternoon, a joint operation was carried out by the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Guardia Urbana which allowed for the dismantling of the fraudulent facility, which posed a risk of fire. A total of 9,106 marijuana plants were seized, 640 euros in cash, 51 fluorescent lights, six 600-watt light bulbs, 39 transformers, four fans, an extractor, an air conditioning unit, two carbon filters and a bag containing 20 kilos of marijuana seeds.