Misc 14/01/2021

Health Department warns of critical situation for February elections unless new measures work

New report maintains unfavourable epidemiological expectations for election day

Quim Bertomeu / Mireia Esteve
1 min
El president de taula fa l'obertura d'una mesa electoral a la localitat biscaïna de Durango, amb totes les mesures de seguretat davant la pandèmia del coronavirus

BarcelonaWith less than 24 hours to go before the government makes a final decision on whether to postpone the February 14 elections, the Health Department has presented the Catalan political parties with a new report on what it expects the epidemiological situation to be on that date. The data continues to be unfavourable, as stated in the document to which the ARA has had access. In fact, the Health Department warns that if the new measures to contain the virus do not work, on election day "the occupation of critical beds and the impact that this would have on non-covid care activity could be comparable to that of the first wave of the pandemic.

Furthermore, the same report also states that "a possible acceleration in the speed of the spread of the pandemic in the coming days and weeks" due to causes such as low temperatures, the impossibility of cutting the chains of contagion and the possible expansion of the UK strain cannot be ruled out. The Health Department has always argued that it is not its role to decide on whether the February 14 elections can be held. In spite of everything, this report supports the thesis of those in favour of postponing them, a thesis which is currently being supported by the Government and all political parties represented in Parliament except the Catalan Socialist Party.