Misc 01/01/2021

The most expensive love graffiti: man faces 22 months in prison for painting on roman aqueduct

The environmental prosecutor's office accuses the man of alleged crime against historical heritage

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L'aqueducte de les Ferreres, a Tarragona, conegut com el Pont del Diable

BarcelonaThe environmental prosecutor of Tarragona asks for 1 year and 10 months in prison for a man accused of making a graffiti on the Roman aqueduct of Les Ferreres, in the municipality of Tarragona. According to the public accusation, on 29th September 2018 Cosmin O.R. wrote, with red paint, the letters "C X L 29-09-2018", flanked by two hearts and with four points, on one of the restored and newly made ashlars on the top of the aqueduct, known as the Pont del Diable.

This supposed love inscription, according to the prosecutor, affected a part of the aqueduct (the specus), "tarnishing and deteriorating it as a historical monument". The man is accused of an alleged crime against historical heritage.

In the indictment, prosecutor Ignacio Monreal stresses that the aqueduct is a cultural asset of national interest and is part of the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 2000, within the archaeological site of Tarraco.

The prosecutor claims that the man is to compensate the City of Tarragona with 647.35 euros (the amount equivalent to the restoration of graffiti) and pay the costs of proceedings. The case will soon be tried in the criminal courts of Tarragona.